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I enjoy helping people with problems, all kinds of problems; you see I'm an idea man, a thinker if you will. That is what the creator has given me and this is how I use that gift.


In my newsletter I write about topics including but not limited to the following:


  • Marketing
  • Self Improvement
  • Life Goals & Decisions
  • Baby Boomer Issues


Many today find themselves looking for a passive stream of income; the old 40-40 plan is no longer working. They may have lost their life savings, retirement savings, or even their job, and are now looking to online marketing for their livelihoods, or to supplement shrinking incomes.


That makes you a noobie, before you give up, because you've contracted "Information Overload," give me a chance. Here you will get the Honest Truth, without the BS.


If you are unhappy with your life it is within your power to change it, that process requires action on your part my friend. Any journey begins with the first step.


If you are new to online marketing I suggest you join IBOToolBox, it is completely free and it's the best thing you can do for your business. But before you join I suggest you read my new book: How To Get Measurable Results From Your IBOToolBox Membership. Reasonably priced for beginners at $7.00, it's the best kind of investment you can make, one in yourself. 









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